Ahmed A

"outstanding quality of work. Very pleasant to work with.

Looking forward to working with him again. I definitely recommend him."


Scientific review and academic writing - Elance.com project

Matthew K

"Michail did a great job, very much appreciate his expertise, professionalism and attention to detail.  He's at the very top of our list of consultants."


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Chrisztian Balindy

"Everything went fine, glad to do business with"


Formulation work - Elance.com

Younes O

"Great service"


Formulation work - Elance.com

Benjamin Stern

"Michail was great to work with. His work was thorough, and he completed everything with great detail. He said he was open to helping and revising my project in the future. I would highly recommend him."


Scientific review and formulation - Elance.com project

Eric Kendall

"Great job, will keep you updated on the future development."


Engineering project - Elance.com

Anatoly Romanov

"Great stuff! Job well done"


Scientific Review and Formulation - Elance.com project

Jack H

"Michail was very knowledgeable and was able to complete the project on time with great quality. I was able to leverage Michail's extensive experience and produce a report that exceeded my expectations. Michail is also very knowledgeable with writing mechanics and is able to produce high quality reports and writing material with professionalism and timeliness. Highly recommended!"


Ghost writing and academic writing project - Elance.com

Uria Ankorion

"Working with Michail was a pleasure. he worked hard to meet the deadlines we set for the project, gave realistic expectations, was optimistic and very enthusiastic in finding a suitable solution.
the outputs received were very professional and complete.

I strongly recommend working with him, and would most likely work with him in the future on similar projects or further stages of current."


Formulation work - Elance.com project

Robin W

"Michail is very professional on the job and is cooperative. Deliver as what is agreed. Even job is completed, he still continue replying my inquiries, give extras and best is no additional charge. Next job for him for sure."

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Andrew K

"Michael blew me away. Highly professional and knowledgable-  he took on a difficult request and made it look easy. My new go to expert for future projects. I highly recommend - you cannot do better..."


Formulation work - Elance.com

Andy Green

"Michail was a great thinker for us. He came up with a lot of good ideas."


Scientific literature review and formulation work- Upwork.com

Jack H

"Mikhail produced a comprehensive and well structured report on the state-of-the-art regarding photorefractive polymers."


Scientific literature review- Elance.com project