Quality Management Systems

Different Quality Systems involve Chemical Agents treatment, storage, identification and use. Our group has extensive expertise in the field and covers a wide area of such systems design and installation, including:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO140001
  • ISO22000
  • OHSAS18001

Each of the above standards has a unique approach for biological, chemical, physical and organization parameters. Our team has been working with such standards since 2003, covering different fields of companies and organizations. Our team comprises consultants, inspectors and auditors for all of the above standards. Relations of each one with specific parameters can be summarized as following:

  • ISO9001: Requirement for identification, instructions for storage, use and treatments of spills of chemical agents. Requirement for relative training. Requirement for biological, chemical, electrical, organization parameters identification and investigation of their effect on workers. Requirement for Risk Assesment study
  • ISO22000: Requirement for complete food related risk assesment of any biological, chemical, mechanical, physical, organization parameter. Requirement for relative flowcharts and concentration limits on food safety. HACCP study required.
  • ISO14001: Requirement for risk assesment of all used and disposed biological and chemical agents. 
  • OHSAS18001: Risk assesment study required. Requirement for complete identification of all risks coming from chemical, biological, physical, electrical, mechanical and organization parameters. Training is obligatory on chemicals treatment, storage, transporation, use and spills recovery.