Frequently asked questions

Q. Why SinodosChemistry?

We are an established group of top level scientists, with PhDs, experience, expertise in various research and application fields. Our completed projects offers you insight into our potential. Our ranking in the greatest freelancig sites [#1 on] prove our commitment to excellence. Our team delivers projects on deadlines, with the highest quality work. 

Q. Where are you located?

Our current offices are found in Thessaloniki, Greece and Pieria, Greece. Our computational chemistry servers are also in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our mid term planning involves setting up another office in Budapest, Hungary within 2016 and in Dublin, Ireland, within 2017 since our newest members are conveniently located in these regions.

Q. Can you share samples of previous works?

Yes. We can and we do share samples of most of our previous projects, up to the point that our NDAs allow us to. You do understand that we do not reveal ideas/ concepts of previous projects, since we consider confidentiality to be one of the most importand aspects of a professional partner. What we can share with you is testimonials, methods of work, samples of intermediate findings, and publications that derived from our work. Under no circumstances any ideas are shared with the samples. Most of our works have been utilized in patents applications.

Q. Can you mention your areas of expertise?

Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, such as:


  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Composites
  • Synthetic methods
  • Academic Research
  • Technical Research
  • Academic writing
  • Technical writing
  • Ghost writing
  • Scientific Training
  • Computational Chemistry tools
  • Materials Science
  • Physical and Chemical Processes

and many more!

Q. Do you undertake projects that require physical presence in distant locations?

Yes. Our scientific group has completed numerous projects in client's premises during the last years. Most recent common projects include :

  • A 5- days training seminar on Polymer Science and Manufacturing methods in Dubai, UAE, 26-30 April 2015, in cooperation with London Training for Excellence Group [London, UK]
  • A 5- days training seminar on MATLAB programming in Chemical Engineering in Munich, Germany, 27 May - 02 June 2015, in cooperation with London Training for Excellence Group [London, UK]
  • A 15 days OHSAS implementation in Budapest, Hungary for an international chemical manufacturing organization


Q. What is the procedure of working together?

The first step is an initial discussion of your needs, whether this is a novel idea support, a training seminar, a feasibility study, a formulation work, academic research or any other provided service. The next phase is an agreement on required results and reports. Then, some milestones are agreed upon. All work and delivered reports follow these milestones.


It is advised that all communications are via e-mail, Skype calls or other audio/ video software.