Scientific Research

Scientific Research services offers you great help whether you are an industrial organization, a professional chemist or chemical engineer, a university student or an individual with a great idea. Our team performs exhaustive scientific literature reviews on any chemical or engineering or cross disciplined subject and provides you with all published research related to your project.


Scientific Research is carried out by expert scientists in their fields, with demonstrated experience and expertise. It is the most important phase for most projects, since they reveal whether there is an existing methodology suitable for your needs, or whether there is a known way to achieve specific material properties and many more.

During scientific research one can:

 - compile ready-to-publish scientific literature reviews

- gather information on recent advances and breakthroughs in the field of interest

- collect starting points and ideas for applications of interest

- brainstorm on novel approaches

- gather industrial and/or manufacturing approaches and practices

- collect patent- related information

- initiate academic and private research projects

- compare current information and technology to current status

- benchmark

- set new technological performance standards

- evaluate competence of industrial, manufacturing and synthetic approaches

- evaluate scientific training needs 

and many more. 





Scientific literature reviews are delivered in academic formats accompanied with an agreed amount of published references, with guarantee of no plagiarism. All sources are provided, and publication assistance is offered if required. 


Scientific benchmart studies are delivered in accepted technological formats as agreed per case.

Patent research is agreed in technical format as agreed per case.