Chemical Formulations

Our group specializes in creating formulations to meet your demands and materialize your ideas. Our greatest achievements exist in this field. We are experts in providing formulations that are novel and successful in exhibiting the properties and behavior of your idea. Our approach is based on a multiple step approach:

  • an initial scientific literature review on required properties, methodologies and materials based only on published scientific journals
  • an initial patents research if the idea needs to be patented [optional stage]
  • a formulation work based on requirements and findings of stage one
  • a simulation work to predict/ validate properties of end product that quite commonly results into an optimization procedure



Deliverables are presented as scientific comprehensive reports for each stage. You can find representative examples of our work under the PROJECTS tab. Most of our projects involve the synthesis of a novel material/ compound/ composite with specific properties to meet application's requirements. Our work history is visible to all site's visitors.

The first stage in any chemical synthesis work is the exhaustice scientific literature review. Our efforts bring to you all published research in scientific journals that is related to your product, its properties, its uses or even synthetic routes. This first step, among others, reveals the current knowledge on your project's requirements, specific information on the synthesis process and novel trends. Based on the findings of this step, the next stages are designed.

The patents search is optional and it aims at identifying potential patents that cover your products functionality or syntesis procedure. Based on the findings of this stage, we can suggest new pathways, new targeted applications/ markets, as well as modifications to the initial plan. If you are not actually interested in patenting a product, this stage can be skipped.



Formulation stage is where all the suggested formulations and chemical syntheses take place. Our team of experts, based on the findings of stage one [review] and on its own certified expertise, works on possible mechanisms for the synthesis of your product. All needed infrastructure is also reported.

In the last stage, simulations are carried out by our team of experts, to:

  • optimize suggested synthesis
  • predict and validate molecular properties
  • identify potential for properties enhancement
  • identify potential instability and non feasibility issues, possibly due to thermodynamic constraints
  • perform properties - structure analysis [when asked]

The complete procedure comprising the four [or three if patents review is ommited] ensures the successful synthesis of your product.