Scientific Training

We offer a wide range of scientific training seminars, for professionals, organizations, researchers and students. Our seminar list is refreshed regularly, depending on clients requirements and future needs. Please check all active scientific seminars under the 'Training' tab. Our seminars are delivered in-house, in various locations around the world and on-line [specific topics]. All seminars are delivered by recognised experts in the fields and are accompanied by training material, certifications and after sales support. 

 computational biology

Our team is capable of producing on demand seminars, covering your specialized needs in a great range of scientific and technical topics that include:

- chemistry

- applied chemistry

- theoretical chemistry [Ab Initio, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, Semi Empirical]

- fluid mechanics

- polymer science

- computational chemistry tools [HyperChem, Spartan, COMSOL, HYSYS, SimScale]

- thermodynamics [classical and statistical]

- separation techniques

- purification techniques

- mathematical packages [MatLab]

- process design

- process simulation

- physical and chemical processes

- green science and technologies

- pollution control

- chemical engineering

- food safety

- food science

- nano technology

- distillation, evaporation

- adsorption, absorption and desorption

- chemical reactions

- chemical reaction mechanisms and pathways

- energy efficiency

- solar energy

- hydrogen energy

- carbon dioxide technologies [capture, sequestration]

- heat transfer

- mass transfer

- industrial engineering

- reactors, mixers, piping

- bio polymers

- coatings and smart coatings

- supplements formulations

- cosmetic formulations

- novel formulations

- material properties